Home Life Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor responds to comments on her pregnant body

Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor responds to comments on her pregnant body

Devon Windsor responds to comparisons of her 6-month baby bump. (Photo: Getty Images)

Devon Windsor is encouraging people to stop comparing their bodies to hers after revealing her six-month-pregnant belly. The 27-year-old Victoria’s Secret model shared her message in a video posted to TikTok, in which she said that people have been commenting on her bump updates with comparisons to their own bodies. “[It] just needs to stop, guys,” she said.

“Everybody is different; everybody is different. Everyone carries. Differently, everybody’s pregnancy journey’s different,” she continued. “I’m 5-11, baby’s super low on me. I have back pain, I don’t know what to tell you guys, but everybody’s super different.”


Windsor posted photos and videos documenting her pregnancy on social media after announcing that she is expecting with husband Johnny Dex Barbara back in March. On one “bump-date” video posted in late April, people commented with comparisons like “me after breakfast,” “me after one sip of water.” In her latest post, Windsor admitted that her slower-growing bump is actually something that’s made her feel self-conscious.

“I actually, in the beginning, would stick out my belly because I wanted it to be bigger. It’s not that I’m, like, eating less than you. I eat probably more than anyone I ever know. So stop comparing yourselves to me and stop comparing yourselves to other people because everybody’s different. As long as the baby’s healthy, that’s all you and I should care about. So, have a good day.”

Followers came to Windsor’s support with comments expressing how relatable her message is. “Don’t worry, mom of 3 here and never really had a big belly,” one person wrote. “And all babies are fine and healthy.
Best wishes!” “You look amazing,” commented another. “This is YOUR reality when it comes to pregnancy, and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

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