The Rise in Popularity of Online Casino Games


    In recent years, we’ve seen the gradual growth of online casinos and witnessed new platforms opening, which means the demand for digital gambling is high. It’s expected that the demand for online casino games will continue to grow, which is natural, given what’s happening in the world now.

    According to statistics, more than 25% of the population of our planet gambles. The pace of development of online and offline gambling demonstrates impressive growth, steadily adding to turnover by an average of 10-15% per year. However, for these casinos to grow and become a brand, their services should take care of their reputation, avoiding any form of fraud.

    Online gambling accounts for more than 80% of the entire industry, which is more than $500 billion annually, and these indicators will only grow (just remember the pandemic).

    Online Casino

    Kim Pascoe, a gambling expert, will talk about the prospects for the sphere’s development and make a list of what indeed has the best online casino in NZ.

    The Rise of Online Casinos in New Zealand

    New Zealand is a country with citizens who love to gamble. It’s known that about 80% of the population takes part in some form of casino, including playing online slots for real money. Although local online casinos don’t have permits, players can use the foreign platforms’ services. By the end of 2018, Kiwis had spent as much as 2.4 billion NZD on gambling, bringing the average spending per player per year on legal betting nationwide to about 648 NZD.

    What Do Modern Online Casinos Offer?

    Since their introduction in the early 2000s, online casinos have quickly gained popularity among users. At that time, the idea of online entertainment was relatively new, and the choice of leisure options was much more modest than today. At the moment, the following types of online casino games are available:

    •   Live category;
    •   Card games;
    •   Video slots;
    •   New products from global developers;
    •   Sweepstakes.

    Modern platforms can boast collections of hundreds of slots designed in a specific theme and attract players with thoughtful characters who not only move and talk but also give gifts for successful combinations.

    5 Main Reasons for the Growing Popularity of Online Casinos

    Over time, the online entertainment industry has moved far ahead. Today, players can choose among thousands of high-end products with excellent graphics, arrange tournaments online and even visit imaginary worlds with the help of game accessories with elements of virtual and augmented reality. The army of fans is growing daily, and here are the main reasons for this:

    1. Ensuring openness and security.
    2. Ease of use.
    3. Providing profitable bonuses.
    4. A wide selection of games.
    5. Official licenses and security encryption.

    Ensuring Openness and Security

    Online casinos provide an unsurpassed level of transparency. The actual payback percentages of slot machines are almost entirely disclosed, so it’s no longer a secret for players. The RTP for each slot can usually be found simply by looking at the help screen. In addition, many of these casinos hire third-party companies to guarantee the integrity of their games. All these are clear signs of reliability.

    Ease of Use

    Online casinos, compared to land-based ones, are much more accessible. What does this mean? Previously, you had to drive a car and go to a land-based casino to play your favorite game. The digital version is much more sociable than its counterpart. You can play online casino games on your smartphone, PC, tablet, or laptop and do this on the road or even without leaving home.

    Providing Profitable Bonuses

    Most online platforms offer new players a welcome bonus when creating a new account. Then there’s the first deposit bonus, triggered after the player deposits money to the online casino profile for the first time. Finally, some casinos use numerous gaming platforms and loyalty programs to attract more players.

    A Wide Selection of Games

    Even the most well-equipped traditional casino loses its advantages compared to the average online casino today. Thanks to technological advances, online platforms can store hundreds of games in one place. This allows even the most whimsical customers to find entertainment to their liking.

    Official Licences and Security Encryption

    After all, players should provide credit/debit card or wallet information to play online games. People are aware of cybersecurity’s dangers and know that disclosing personal information can lead to data leakage.

    Online casinos have solved this problem in a simple but effective way. First, they ensured that they were legitimate establishments — every reputable online casino has an official license prominently displayed on the main page.

    In addition, online casinos use standard data encryption to protect players’ personal data. All this expresses faith and attracts millions of participants to start in the world of online casinos and enjoy safe games.


    Due to modern Internet technologies, a thrill-seeker has the opportunity to spend their leisure time excitingly at any time and from anywhere in the world, and even make money on it! The demand for online casinos is growing daily, and it’s absolutely justified! This is a convenient format for a pleasant stay and a great time saver.


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