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Record-Breaking Paris Olympic Flag Doesn’t Fly on Eiffel Tower as Planned


Record-Breaking Paris Olympic Flag Doesn’t Fly on Eiffel Tower as Planned originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston. Sunday’s Closing Ceremony marked the end of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and started the countdown for the 2024 Paris Olympics. The French capital had a chance to share what’s to come in three years with quite the spectacle: a massive Paris 2024 flag flying on the Eiffel Tower.

Well, a CGI flag. Paris organizers originally planned to set a record by changing the world’s most enormous flag of the city’s most famous attraction. Instead, viewers were given a rendering of the vision. So what happened? Here is the info you need to know about Paris’ enormous flag:

Was the Olympic flag on the Eiffel Tower actual?

It was supposed to be. A trial flag was flown from the iconic tower in June in what appeared to be a test for the Olympic handover. “We have this luck to have ‘the most beautiful flag bearer in the world’ with the Eiffel Tower,” Paris 2024 chief Tony Estanguet said at a press conference on Friday. “So our challenge is to be able to raise this flag and fly this flag in Paris on the Eiffel Tower.”


Mother Nature ultimately emerged victorious in the challenge, as lousy weather dashed plans of actually hanging the flag off the tower. “Sadly, the weather conditions today mean that we will not be able to proceed with our plan to raise the flag on the Eiffel Tower safely,” a statement Paris 2024 said.

How big is the Paris Olympic flag?

At 90m long and 60m wide (5400 square meters), the flag of the Paris 2024 Games is almost the size of a soccer field. The Guinness World Record for most enormous flag flown is 2,448.56 meters and was achieved by the Trident Support Flagpoles and Sharjah Investment and Development Authority in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, on Nov. 2, 2017.

What is the Paris 2024 Games flag made out of?

The flag comes from two cutting-edge sectors — offshore sailing and aerospace — which gave rise to an ultra-resistant, ultra-lightweight and recyclable spinnaker sailcloth.

The flag’s journey will not end on the Eiffel Tower, though. The fabric will be reused as part of an exclusive clothing collection in a collaboration between Paris 2024 and its partners. The flag will dress fans and supporters afterr wowing the world on one of Paris’ marquee landmarks.

When will the 2024 Paris Olympics flag fly?

The flag was initially supposed to be converted into clothing after Sunday’s ceremony. Since it didn’t go up due to bad weather, it may not get a chance to fly on the Eiffel Tower at all. If organizers still intend to perform the display, the Opening Ceremony for the 2024 Olympics is 1,083 days away.


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