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LSU’s live tiger mascot is now fully vaccinated against COVID-19


LSU’s live tiger mascot has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19; Mike VII received his second dose on Aug. 6 from LSU veterinarian David Baker. He received his first dose on July 16. “Mike VIII has not shown any adverse effects from the vaccine,” the school, in part. “His caretakers will continue to monitor him closely as always. LSU is dedicated to providing the best care for Mike VII.”

The vaccine was donated by Zoetis, a company that has donated thousands of vaccines to help protect zoo animals from the coronavirus. Mike VII’s habitat on campus has extra barricades around it, which were put up at the start of the pandemic to help protect the tiger from infection. The school will now remove those later this month, as Mike VII is now fully vaccinated.

There have been multiple cases of animals contracting the coronavirus, which experts believe happened through humans. Zoetis has donated 11,000 vaccines to about 70 zoos, sanctuaries, universities, and other conservation sites.

vaccinatedLouisiana is currently averaging more than 4,600 new coronavirus cases per day but has the highest case rate per 100,000 residents in the country as of Monday afternoon. The government is now averaging more than 100,000 new cases each day, too, the highest it’s seen since February.

About 59% of Americans have received at least one vaccine shot, and about 50% are fully vaccinated. Only about 38% of adults in Louisiana are fully vaccinated, and only about 45% have received at least one dose — which is ahead of only Wyoming, Mississippi, and Idaho. LAST YEAR, Mike VII, seen here sleeping in his habitat, received his second dose of a coronavirus vaccine on Friday. (John Korduner/Icon Sportswire/Getty Images)


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