Frewen denies roasting Gladys


    During the federal cabinet last Friday, the head of Australia’s Covid-19 task force has denied he “launched a savage broadside” against NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian. According to The Saturday Paper, Lieutenant General John Frewen allegedly spoke with such contempt towards Ms. Berejiklian in the meeting that it “left other premiers and chief ministers stunned”.

    “I would have stopped the meeting if he had spoken to me like that,” another state leader allegedly said. But General Frewen was adamant that he had not spoken harshly to Ms. Berejiklian, telling the ABC on Wednesday, “that is not my style”. “We have firm discussions around options, but it didn’t happen as described,” General Frewen said.


    General Frewen’s stern words allegedly came in response to Ms. Berejiklian’s desperate plea to redirect Covid-19 vaccines away from GP clinics and into the worst-affected areas of Sydney. The Covid-19 chief reportedly became enraged, then launched a “savage broadside” against the NSW Premier.

    But General Frewen again refuted The Saturday Paper’s allegations, denying he lost his temper with Ms. Berejiklian. “That is not my place to be cranky. It is my place to get the vaccine rollout done,” he told the ABC. In July, Ms. Berejiklian publicly indicated she believed vaccines needed to be redirected to Sydney to help NSW fight the virus. However, this proposal was quickly shut down by other state leaders. The Party Games newsletter Get your political briefing from’s political editor Samantha Maiden.

    “I’m not wanting to send any of our vaccination doses anywhere else,” South Australian Premier Steven Marshall said. “We have barely enough vaccine allocated to any of us, so the notion we would be sending it away from here – we all have got the need, all of us,” Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said. NSW announced 199 new cases on Tuesday, with the Delta variant’s grip on the state showing no signs of easing anytime soon.


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