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Fashion Designer Rebecca Minkoff Debuts Spring Collection


NEW YORK – In-person fashion shows are an exception these days. They’re another casualty of the pandemic. But for designer Rebecca Minkoff, putting on a traditional runway show this New York Fashion Week was a no-brainer.

What You Need To Know

Rebecca Minkoff is only a few fashion designers to show her Spring 2021 collection to an in-person audience for New York Fashion Week. While other fashion designers opted for digital presentations this time, Minkoff said that showing in person is best for her collection. Minkoff said she used to get inspiration while traveling but now goes online and on social media to see what her customers want and need.

“I think it’s about rolling with the punches, and I think we’ve already done this show through COVID, so we already knew how to do the show safely and responsibly,” said Minkoff. Minkoff was one of only a few designers to showcase their collections in person during NYFW last fall. Most of her counterparts are opting for online presentations this time around, too. To unveil her latest line, the designer transformed Spring Studios in Manhattan into an urban jungle.

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Minkoff said she decided to show in person again this season because she thinks it suits her brand best. “I think that my collection needs to be seen in an environment, touch and felt by people that want to come out,” said Minkoff. The designer herself has had to adapt in the last year in several ways.

“I used to get my inspiration from a lot of travel, but that’s not happening,” said Minkoff. Now, she looks online and listens to what her customers are saying on social media. “I know she wants comfort. I know she wants loose-fitting clothing, and so trying to give her that but still relevant fashion-wise,” said Minkoff.

Her line reflects pandemic life, and it’s tailor-made for women working from home. “I talk a lot about zoom shoulders. You’re on a lot of calls, so you can have the shoulder; that’s a great way to show yourself style,” said Minkoff. The trick is making fashion that is functional for her customer.

“I think we’re always trying to mix that effortlessly free-spirited Bohemian woman with a rock and roll side,” Minkoff said. She’s also hoping that after nearly a year of everyone mostly staying at home, that her collection might jump-start people’s imagination and even get people excited about post-COVID life. “I think that people, with spring, are excited to get out again and dress up a little bit, put on a small heel; I mean, we’ve been inside for so long it’s time to get out and dress up,” Minkoff said.


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