Defence troops deployed to Afghanistan to evacuate Australians


    More than 250 Australian defense troops will be deployed to Afghanistan to help efforts to evacuate Aussie citizens and visa holders. The Australian Defence Force (ADF) said defense personnel began departing Australia on Monday to support the Australian government’s efforts in evacuating Aussies.

    “A KC-30A departed Amberley today for Australia’s main operating base in the Middle East and will commence refueling operations in support of the wider US-led operation later this week,” the ADF said in a statement on Monday. “Two C-17A Globemasters will also depart for the Middle East later this week.”

    The ADF said the mission will be constantly assessed against the latest developments. “The situation in Afghanistan remains highly volatile and dangerous,” it said. “Defence is taking all necessary precautions to protect its people and those authorized for evacuation.


    Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the situation on the ground in Kabul was evolving rapidly. “As in any crisis situation, the Australian government’s priority is to ensure the safety of its citizens,” he said. “We have over 130 Australians in Afghanistan, working in the UN, NGOs, and elsewhere, and we are working to bring them and their families home.


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