Calls for $10m in prizes to motivate Australians to get vaccinated


    A radical idea involving a $10m lottery has been proposed to fix Australia’s slow Covid-19 vaccine rollout. Under the plan proposed by Grattan Institute health program director Stephen Duckett, every Australian vaccinated would be eligible to win 10 weekly prizes valued at $1m each.

    “People should be rewarded for being vaccinated, and it encourages them to speed up their vaccination appointments,” Dr. Duckett told 3AW. “One million dollars is a lot of money, and it would really reward us all. You don’t have to do anything except what you should be doing anyway – getting vaccinated.

    “We just really need to get some excitement into it, to actually tug at our heartstrings and say you need to be stepping up. “We want something huge to capture everyone’s attention.” Dr. Duckett said the weekly $1m lottery couldn’t start until November when everybody had had a chance to be vaccinated.


    But he said once you were in the draw, you would be eligible for all of the 10 prizes. “We can’t unleash demand when you don’t have enough supply,” Dr. Duckett said. “By October, we should have plenty of supply so that everybody who wants a vaccine should be able to get a vaccine.

    “We really need to be speeding up the vaccination, (but) we can’t do it until we’ve got the doses.” Just 16.29 percent of Australians aged 16 and older are fully vaccinated with both doses, with 38 percent receiving their first dose.

    The nation’s vaccine supply is expected to ramp up over the next three months, with three million Pfizer doses being brought forward from the fourth quarter of 2021 to the third and the arrival of the Moderna vaccine from September.


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