Baby killed during magpie attack identified


    A five-month-old baby girl who died after a tragic accident involving a magpie at a Brisbane park has been identified as Mia. Mia, whose name was shared through a GoFundMe created on behalf of her parents, was rushed to hospital on Sunday with critical injuries after her mother fell while holding her after trying to duck a swooping magpie. A Queensland Ambulance Service spokesperson said paramedics were called to the park following “reports that a mum had fallen with a baby in her arms”.

    The little girl later died. Katie and Sophie, sisters of parents Jacob and Simone, used the fundraiser to share a heartbreaking tribute to the infant. “Everything about Mia was perfect from her head full of hair to her tiny little nose and her little long toes,” the tribute read.

    “Mia’s arrival made Jacob and Simone’s lives complete; they constantly doted over her, showered her with love, and shared her for all their loved ones to adore. “Beautiful she was and loved by all who got to meet her. The joy Mia brought to all of our lives cannot be described in words but is certainly felt in all of our hearts.”


    The sisters said Monday’s incident was a “blow no one could ever imagine”. “On this day, in Glendemann Park, Holland Park West, an absolutely tragic and sudden accident occurred, where beautiful Mia, at only five young months of age, grew her little angel wings and left this world for the final time.

    “Shattering everyone’s hearts and crushing Jacob and Simone’s world in the blink of an eye where no day would ever be the same. “No words can begin to describe the torture Jacob and Simone are going through.” Both Katie and Sophie live outside of Queensland and are frantically trying to organize an exemption to cross the border. GoFundMe has already raised more than $20,000. More to come.


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