Anti-masker’s vile Woolies rant


    A maskless man has filmed himself berating a female cop inside a Woolworths store, insisting he had done “nothing wrong” despite the health breach. An anti-masker who filmed himself confronting a female police officer after brazenly flouting the public health rules has been lashed on TikTok.

    In the video shared on the social media platform yesterday, the man harassed the cop inside an NSW Woolworths store. In the clip, the officer can be heard asking the maskless man if she can see his exemption for not wearing a mandatory face covering.

    However, the man refuses to hand over an exemption or identification; he repeatedly taunts the young woman. “Unless you get a court order, I don’t need to give you a medical exemption,” the man says in response.

    “I’ve done nothing wrong.” The showdown continues, with the officer demanding documentation again. In contrast, the man continues to talk over her, arguing it was a “directive” to provide ID but “not law”, meaning it was non-enforceable.


    But if the man was hoping to earn a pat on the back for his stunt, he was sorely mistaken, with TikTok users piling on him and slamming his behavior. “Just be a respectful champion, she’s trying to be polite, and you’re just being a pest,” one posted, while another added: “If you really do have an exemption, just show her, people like you make it hard for cops and yourself“.

    “Another flog with the camera,“ another said. Face coverings have been made mandatory under The Public Health (COVID-19 Mandatory Face Coverings) Order (No 4) 2021, which commenced on June 26.

    Currently, penalties apply for not wearing or carrying a mask, to the tune of $40 for a person aged 15 and under, $80 for a person aged 16-17, and $500 for 18 and above. Face masks are now compulsory across NSW in almost all circumstances, unless you are in your own home or exercising. Read related topics: Woolworths


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